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The Shushi artist Matan Balachsan has worked at the best and most prestigious restaurants in Israel and studied for his profession in Tokyo, Japan. It was there, while studying the secrets of uncompromising aesthetics and the wonder of blending flavors and tastes that he fell in love with his work.

“For me Shushi is a never ending journey of exploration”

One of the most important things he learnt in Japan is how to handle the ingredients needed to create a specific dish. According to Matan, the simplicity and complexity of creating the Shushi dishes is magical and charming. While in Japan he fell in love with the mentality of the people and came to understand that to make good food you need to be, not only professional, but also to have a deep love and connection to this work.

“I am happy to take you on an unforgettable culinary journey of my Japan”.

Private Events

Matan will come to you with all the necessary professional equipment and products, carefully chosen to suit your desires, homemade and traditional sauces, and a Japanese dessert. A large portion of the products chef will bring from his own personal imports directly from Japan. The concept of the meal is minimalistic with the idea being that diners try as many different dishes and flavors as possible with each bite taking them in a different direction.

"It's like eating at one of the most luxurious restaurants in Tokyo, providing quality ingredients, the originality of the menu and the beauty of the arrangements on the plate"

Yehuda Amar

"The fresh fish, the balanced taste and uncompromising precision provided a different experience from any restaurant we have ever been to"

Revivit Lev

"A huge thank you to Matan who took us on magical journey to Japan without even leaving the house!"

Tal Kaplan

"As someone who loves sushi and Asian food the meal took me to the most distant districts in Japan"

Michal Ansky

"One of the most special culinary experiences I have experienced, each dish was served impeccably with Matans personal touch finding expression in each bite"

Alexa Dol

"Thank you for the very tasty, special and pleasant meals! Each meal was better than the one before and I cannot wait for the next time!"

Shahar Peer

"For a while I have been following this talented chef and with the birth of my first child, decided his would be the first Shushi I will eat. Since then we fell in love and Matan came to cook for us again…this is only the beginning!"

Bar Rafaeli

"Clean, precise, aesthetic and balanced. Simply perfect!"

Omer Miller

"I discovered Matan through Instagram and invited him for an interview on Ynet. Since then we have had a close relationship and there is no doubt that Matan has risen the bar for what good Shushi means in Israel"

Erez Komorowsk

Culinary Workshops

Other than providing for private dinners and culinary consultancy, Matan also gives Sushi Preparation Workshops to private groups (10+).

In the workshops you will be offered a tasting menu of various dishes, then move on to trying it yourself! You will learn how to choose the most suitable fish for your dish, how to cut the vegetables, how to prepare and flavor the rice, and how to roll: InsideOut, Fotomaki Tamaki and much more…

Culinary Consultations

The Japanese kitchen has endless combinations of tastes and ways to present the Shushi. Matan is happy to advise and give the appropriate guidance needed to restaurants and entrepreneurs, who are seeking to start a new business or a new line in their restaurant.

  • the Chef will create a menu to suit the ambience of the place.
  • Professional and ongoing professional mentoring.
  • Introducing connections to suppliers and assistance during negotiations
  • Creating a menu suitable to your particular brand
  • Aesthetics and presentation suggestions
  • Preparation of a detailed recipe book, which will include all the dishes in the menu and a thorough guide for precise preparation of the dishes.
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